Man Found Dead in His Shed is Montgomery's 23rd Homicide of 2013


By Heather VacLav

Stay at home mom Kaylin Dilday says her neighborhood on McCarter Street is usually very quiet. 
With the exception of her neighbor's house, where the man she knew as "Tommy," lived. It's a place she says she saw suspicious activity every week.

"All of the stuff that's been going on over there this past year, it doesn't surprise me 8:04:07
Doesn't surprise her that Tuesday, police found "Tommy" or 54-year old Thomas Bracknell, murdered inside his storage shed in his back yard.

Dilday says she last saw the victim at his home Monday night. "There was a huge party, there were a half ton of people here," she said.

"This one woman was like 'you killed my grandma'," Dilday recalled hearing being yelled at the victim, before she went inside her own home.
Dilday says the Bracknell lived with his mother, who died Saturday, the same day she saw the victim's family swinging baseball bats at one another in his front yard arguing.
"They started fighting, baseball bat type fighting, and that's when I called the cops and was just like, okay we need to stay away," she said, to protect her 2-year old daughter.

Other neighbors, like David Holt, who lives across the street, say even though Dilday's murder was unexpected, he still feels safe on McCarter Street.
"Whatever happens, you expect to happen, because the way the world is, the way the people in the world are, they just violent and I don't know why," Holt said.
Even though police don't know who murdered her neighbor, Dilday says some other neighbors are glad the fighting and problems from the brick house next door are gone.
"They're kinda relieved, and its terrible to say, but that was the one problem house, that was the one you had to worry about," she said.
Montgomery Police say they believe Bracknell's murder is stemmed from a continuing family dispute, but no one has been arrested yet in this case,
If you have information about the murder,  call CrimeStoppers at 334-215-STOP(7867).

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