Manhunt Underway in Autauga County


By Ellis Eskew

The search for a fugitive is taking place along County Road 59.
The Autauga County Sheriff's deputies are set up along the roadways, canines tracking in the woods, and a helicopter from the sky.

According to the Autuaga County Sheriff's Office, when deputies tried to serve a search warrant Wednesday morning for David Hunter, he escaped out of the window of a residence on Highway 31.
Authorities have been tracking him ever since from the ground and sky.

Chief Deputy Joe Sedinger says, "He's a black male, I think some of his clothes are missing as he's been going through the briars. Just don't let anybody in your house, call if you see anything."

This isn't the first time Hunter has been in trouble with the law.
He led them on a highspeed chase in January before crashing his car into a mobile home park on Highway 82.


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