Marengo Co. Resident Planning to Run for Sheriff in Wilcox Co.


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  A Marengo resident is planning to make a run for sheriff next year-- but NOT in Marengo County.

Long-time Pine Hill Police Chief John Brown has his sights set on becoming the sheriff of Wilcox County. The Marengo County resident is already putting up campaign signs all over Wilcox County for the 2014 elections.

According to the Alabama Sheriff's Association - a candidate does not have to be a resident of a county -- to run for sheriff of that county.

"There's not a requirement under state law to live in the county," said Brown. "I live just two mile outside of the county in Marengo County but I've worked my entire law enforcement career in Wilcox County."

How can you possibly run for sheriff of Wilcox County if you're not a resident of Wilcox County?" said Wilcox Co. Resident Terry Higgenbottom. "It don't make no sense to me."

Alabama Sheriff's Association officials say Brown has to be a registered Wilcox County voter to be placed on the ballot. They also say he would also have to move into the county at least one day before taking office-- if he were to win the election.

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