Mass Meeting Held to Support MPS schools, Supt. Barbara Thompson


By Ashley Thompson

A mass meeting was held to support Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Barbara Thompson. This comes in light of the state's findings that additional people were involved in grade changing.

More than 75 people met at New Life Baptist Church to voice their support and praise for Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Barbara Thompson, who they say is being unfairly targeted by the media.

The state Department of Education says it recently found even more of the school system's staff were involved in grade changing during the 2011-2012 school year. But those are the meeting say the media shouldn't focus on that and shouldn't hold Thompson responsible.

"People try to look for the fault and there is no fault," says supporter John Richardson. "She's doing a great job."

Members of the school board were also in attendance, some even taking the podium to voice their support. Everyone had the same message, they want the media to back off.

"They print what they want to print," says Reverend Alphonso Pharson. "And whatever they print, once it's out there, it's just like what comes out of your mouth, once it's out, you can't change it."

When we asked Thompson if she thought the media was being unfair to her, here's what she said.

"We care about kids and we want them to learn and master the content and skill areas so the perception that we're doing anything other than that would be a wrong one."

Though there are some who disagree with the superintendent. Protestors marched in front of New Life Baptist Church throughout the meeting.

"Students, parents of Montgomery Public Schools, please don't support this faros of a meeting," says parent Karen Jones. "We need to save our schools. This is one way that they're taking us back."

Jeffrey Steele tells us he was once employed by Montgomery Public Schools but says he now believes a state takeover is necessary.

"What's going on with this lady and these folks on this board? Something is not right."

Still, all of those inside the church say they will continue to support Thompson no matter what.

"She has come in and turned it around tremendously so I'm a great supporter of her," Richardson explains.

And Thompson says the support is encouraging.

"I think every school district has challenges but I think it speaks volumes that they're saying, if there are things that you're dealing with, that you're working on, we still support you and we're here for you."


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