Minister Louis Farrakhan to Speak in Tuskegee


By Ashley Thompson

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is returning to Tuskegee this weekend to speak on the city's economic development.

Farrakhan has been to Alabama several times this year, but are his appearances helping or hurting?

First Farrakhan came to speak to students at Tuskegee University. Then he returned to lead a caravan tour in support of the Voting Rights Act. He was back to speak at the Capitol to protest the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Now, he's coming to Tuskegee once again to speak on lowering the poverty rate.

"Minister Farrakhan supports voting rights, he supports civil rights, he support economic rights, educational rights, health rights, such as affordable care so we have a lot that we can agree on," says Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford.

Ford says he is one of Farrakhan's biggest supporters and is often seen with him. But is it all just for show? Or is Farrakhan actually helping the causes he supports? We asked Tuskegee residents what they thought at the city's town hall.

"I think its a good thing because since he's been coming, we've got a lot of stores. We got a dollar store, we got a Pizza Hut and I dont know if he had anything to do with it, but it seems as though things is picking up," says resident Bernice Grimmette.

"I think they have a good relationship because Mayor Ford is trying to do the best he can in today's economy and I think for them to bridge together to help our city, it would be a good cause," says Melina Thomas.

Ishmael Mohammed is Farrakhan's national assistant. He tells us he believes Mayor Fords relationship with Farrakhan will help Tuskegee advance economically.

"Just his presence, just his message alone we believe and are very confident that it's going to be something positive for the city of Tuskegee," he says.

Though not everyone supports Farrakhan's return. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers him a black supremacist and there are often protestors at events he where he speaks.

Louis Farrakhan will be speaking in Tuskegee Sunday at the City Square at 2PM. Gates open at noon.


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