Mixed Reaction to Royal Baby News


By Ellis Eskew

The royal family announced Monday that Prince William and his wife, Kate, welcomed a new baby boy into the world.

Reaction to the news is mixed here in Alabama.

We understand many do not care anything about it, while others are happy about the new addition to the royal family.

We asked our Facebook fans about their thoughts on the royal baby and ideas for his name.

Joyce Elaine Reaves Oswald says, "In America we are all royalty! Go America! I am glad he is healthy."

Ashley Mobley says, "I was hoping for a girl but don't care enough to get upset."

Jimmy Brooks commented with, "Congrats William and Kate on your new baby boy."

Wayne Bradshaw  commented with, "No big deal. Just another baby."

As for names for the future heir to the throne...

Kimya Cleckler Crumpton says, "George Philip Charles Windsor"

Sheila Russell Smith says, "George William Charles Windsor"

and Janet Lynn Byars says, "Phillip Charles Alexander"

We also got some humorous names as well. But the real name of the future king should be revealed within the next few days.

If you would like to leave your comments on the royal baby news or names, click here.

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