Montgomery Buries Time Capsule to be Opened in 75 Years


By Heather VacLav

The city of Montgomery celebrated city hall’s 75th anniversary by letting the public tour the massive renovations throughout the building. During the rededication, city leaders buried a time capsule that won't be opened for another 75 years.

Just like a the last time capsule was placed in the city hall when it was constructed in 1936, the city inserted two copper time capsules into the Cornerstone on the corner of Madison Avenue and Perry Street.

Two copper boxes will hold the present, until it becomes the past, when the future city of Montgomery opens the cornerstone time capsule in city hall.

“75 years from now, everybody may be reading their newspaper from their wrist watches or I don’t know,” said city historian Richard Bailey.

Bailey says the time capsule will hopefully give the future Montgomery a feel for the city’s values. Even though technology will change, Bailey hopes the attitude in the city will stay the same in the future.

The time capsule holds symbolic items, including Wednesday's Montgomery Advertiser, a River Region Visitor's Guide, the current City of Montgomery pay plan, coins, an iPhone, the city’s coat of arms pin, and Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange even wrote a letter to the mayor in 2087.

“Today we are known as the capital of dreams, I hope that vision is still exists and that new dreams are being realized in your current time,” Mayor Strange said while reading his letter aloud to the crowd of people inside the city hall auditorium.

More than 100 people watched the capsule being buried, including some Montgomery families, who say they are trying to create a tradition.

“I won't be here for this 75 years from now, but the children will be,” said Richard Fiore of Montgomery. “It will be a neat experience for them to come back to Montgomery and say that they were here when they put the time capsule in.”

Montgomery General Services Manager Steve Jones coordinated the time capsule burial and says he is confident people will care about the 2012 time capsule in 2087. “I believe there will be a Steve Jones 75 years from now that works for the city of Montgomery that says I want that project.”

So when most of us are long gone, the city hopes the time capsule will give Montgomery something to remember us by.

The time capsules were temporarily placed for the rededication Wednesday, but they will be permanently cemented in by the masons who uncovered the last time capsule by Friday. Next week at the city council meeting, the mayor will ask the future leaders of Montgomery to reopen the cornerstone on the 150th anniversary of city hall.

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