Montgomery Children Launch Prayer Balloons Into the Sky


By Heather VacLav

Children in Montgomery sent out hundreds of prayers, by attaching them to balloons and launching them into the sky!

About 150 Sunday School children 2-12 years old participated at the First United Methodist Church in Old Cloverdale's 6th annual Prayer Balloon Launch.

Church leaders say they hope someone will find the child's prayer and be touched by the ministry of God.
"I hope my balloon goes to someone that like doesn't really know a lot about God or Jesus and I hope they get it and they learn that God loves you and he loves you always," said 10-year old Jones Corley of Montgomery.
First UMC says people have receieved the prayer balloons as far as Georgia in years past. 
Church leaders tell us they do the balloon launch every year during the week of National Day of Prayer.


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