Montgomery County School Board Changes


By Ellis Eskew

Last month, the state school board, along with a former FBI agent launched investigations into grade changing allegations within Montgomery Public Schools.

Board President Charlotte Meadows was behind the effort to involve the state.

Tuesday night was her last night as board president.

We asked her how she felt about leaving the grade changing issue behind.

"I am fairly confident that it will not be dropped. I believe the state department is making a sincere effort to look into that and do the right thing, and I expect that to continue. And I hope that this board will do the right thing also," said Meadows.

Three weeks ago, board member Mary Briers shocked the board when she revealed a draft letter written by Meadows to the state school superintendent requesting that he takes over the school system.

A heated debate broke out between Meadows and Briers.

But now Meadows is no longer on the board after not seeking another term.

Superintendent Barbara Thompson says she is looking to the future.

"That was a decision that Ms. Meadows made to not re-run. I'm looking forward to working with new board member Durden Dean. And I think the board is welcoming him on board," said Thompson.

Dean will replace Meadows and is looking forward to a fresh start.

"I'm excited about the opportunity and appreciative of the voters giving me the opportunity to serve the children and the citizens of Montgomery."

State School Superintendent Tommy Bice said the investigation on the alleged grade changes will wrap up next week. No word yet on what they found or what will happen next.


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