Montgomery Kicks Off 1st Annual Riverbend Brewfest and River Jam


By Catalina Trivino

The long-time tradition of Montgomery's Jubilee Cityfest is no more and today it's replacement... the city's first ever, Riverbend Brewfest and River Jam Music Festival, is underway!

It's a new festival split up into two events at the Riverfront: the Riverbend Brewfest and the River Jam -- And while it is replacing a 36-year tradition, they hope this new event evolves into one you'll be seeing for many years to come...

It's a new tradition. One that's been six months in the making. A two-part event at Montgomery's Riverfront Park starting Saturday afternoon with the Riverbend Brewfest.

It's a beer-lovers haven with more than 100 different types of beer from more than 40 different breweries from across the nation -- everything from local to specialty beers...

In just one hour, the riverfront sold about 600 tickets. Event coordinators say they expected about 1,000 people at the event... and were pleased with the turnout.

"When we first started this up and we were looking at how we wanted to plan this event, we wanted something that would have some longevity to it and basically, like I said, to carry on the tradition of a live music event down here. The Brewfest is just an added bonus," Said event coordinator, Ken Reynolds.

And as the sun set, part two kicked off: The River Jam Music Festival -- a free concert featuring two stages and 8 artists...

But even still, this event is replacing another that lasted 36 years. Yet, some people think starting a new tradition could benefit the city of Montgomery.

"I think Jubilee got a little played out and it's something new, something different for everybody," Said Montgomery resident, Drew Holloway.

"I like it better because my mother used to work the jubiliees back when it was a playground, a field, back in the 80's. Now, it's better for kids and more attracted to what people come out to see and also travelers come in!" Said Montgomery resident, Cliff Patton.

Now, the event is in the midst of wrapping up as we speak....and because of the rain, two of the River Jam Acts were cancelled.

But inspite of the rain, event coordinators tell me they had about 4,000 people come out for Saturday's festivities.

Proceeds from the sale of some of the beers will be donated to the Boston Marathon Victims' Relief Fund.



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