Montgomery Leads in Homicides for the Year


By Ellis Eskew

The city of Montgomery is on track to more than double last year's total homicides.

Right now, it leads other Alabama cities with the most murders of the year so far.

As for total of homicides in 2012, Birmingham was at the top with 76 murders.

Then Montgomery at 32, Mobile at 21, and Huntsville at 14.

Now, so far this year Montgomery leads the homicide count with 18.

Birmgham has 14, Mobile has 6, and Huntsville has 4.

We asked what some of you thought about the violence on our Facebook page.

Ashley Church says..."Yes I think it has gotten worse I have lived here my whole life and have never seen it this bad. it makes me not even want to live in Montgomery anymore which is sad."

Jeremy Lawrence says..."These senseless crime rates will never diminish as long as these criminals get off with a light punishment.... Some of these people have a better life in jail than they do on the outside. Firm punishment is needed inside the jail."

In the past, the mayor has said it's hard to predict when and where these violent crimes are going to happen so that they can be prevented. But he does say the city is working to seize illegal guns. Over 170 guns have been taken off of the streets.

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