Montgomery Looks Forward to New Entertainment Districts


By Josh Ninke

Montgomery already has one entertainment district, but just last night the city council voted to add two more.

Entertainment districts are areas where you can carry open containers of alcohol while walking down the street. 
True restaurant owner Wesley True can't wait for the new entertainment district to officially open. He sees it really helping his restaurant grow.
"The recent bar menu we introduced, we're bringing more patrons to the bar. They're getting quick snacks. So I think when we add a to go cocktail, I can say that right? When we add a to go cocktail on top of some bar snacks I think that's a key to success," said True. 
Montgomery's city council voted unanimously to create the new districts. They'd been waiting for the legislature to pass a law allowing the city to have up to five districts. Councilman Arch Lee started pioneering the project last June. He says he's glad it's finally done.
"I've met with neighborhood associations and businesses for I guess, the last year or more now. So it is kind of nice to say hey, we've voted on it, now it's done and come September 1st we'll implement it and make sure it works the way it's supposed to," said Lee.
True says that he's looking forward to competing against the other districts, even though his number one competitor is himself. 
"I don't really consider myself competing with anyone else but myself, we're always trying to better what we're doing here. I think we need all these different things. I can't eat at my own restaurant all the time. I think all these competitions and friendly competitors, it's great," said True. 

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