Cloverdale Neighborhood May Have Two Entertainment Districts by 4th of July


By Heather VacLav

The historic Old Cloverdale neighborhood has been eagerly waiting for it's entertainment district, but the city of Montgomery has waited to make a decision. 

This decision was riding on state lawmakers, who delivered an increase of entertainment districts allowed in cities the size of Montgomery from two to five. 


Which means, the Cloverdale neighborhood in Montgomery may not just be getting one, but two entertainment districts in time for the Fourth of July.

Arch Lee, Montgomery City Councilman for District 7, says patrons would be allowed to walk around with open containers of alcoholic beverages in two separate places.

The first entertainment district would be on East Fairview Avenue, including businesses like the Capri Theatre, El Rey Burrito Lounge and the Cloverdale Playhouse. It would also extend up Woodley Road to Jubilee Seafood. 

The second district is a few blocks away on Cloverdale Road off of Decatur, including True restaurant, Pine Bar and Derk's Filet and Vine. 

Retail store Hue Studio is within the second district and says the open-container law will help the area's events, like its upcoming fall fashion show. 

"It enables us to take the event over to the side street and incorporate all of these businesses together," said Stephanie Brown, Co-owner of Hue Studio.

Once passed in Cloverdale, the city still has two other entertainment districts left to play with. In order to qualify, an area needs to have four liquor licensed facilities and be a half mile by half mile radius.

Some people think the sustainable Hampstead community in East Montgomery could be next.

"It's a place where the adults can come enjoy a glass of wine or a beverage and the children can bring a blanket or watch a movie in the big blow up screen," said Darlene Violette of Montgomery who works at Hampstead. 

Suzie Wagner grew up in Montgomery, but lives in Vestavia Hills and only visits the capital city for business says she thinks it will do real well in Hampstead. 
"It's a quaint area and it's safe," she said.

Even though Hampstead has the appeal and layout to fit the criteraia, it is two liquor licenses short of qualifying, so it would have to wait until two more businesses with liquor licenses open up shop.

As for any criticism against the potential entertainment districts? Arch Lee said he's only had a handful of naysayers. 

"It's not going to be a Bourbon Street, point blank, if it is, I'll do away with it, but our police won't let that happen," he said.



Just like in downtown Montgomery, the open-container policy is only legal if people remain in the district and use plastic or styrofoam containers.

Alcoholic beverages purchased at one facility are also not allowed to be taken inside another place.

Lee says the city isn't in a hurry to add the fourth or fifth entertainment districts, but does want to examine it's options.

City council votes to approve the two Cloverdale entertainment districts July 2.


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