Montgomery Police Give Crime Statistics Report


By Ellis Eskew

Only halfway through the year and Montgomery is at 29 homicides and counting.
Police Chief Kevin Murphy says his department should be held accountable for bringing those statistics down.

 "We aren't just going to sit around and see the statistics and see the numbers and say that is too bad. We are going to address it. Focus on it. And do everything that we can to bring it back down," said Murphy.

Murphy told the mayor and council overall crime in Montgomery is down 10-12 percent.
But violent crime is up 26 percent with a spike in aggravated assaults.

"We have seen an increase in aggravated assaults. Aggravated assault is assault with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, which causes serious physical injury," said Murphy.

The police department is working on short and long term programs to help combat the issue.
He says the short term programs will focus on the neighborhoods where crime is the highest.
And the long term programs include partnering with area churches and organizations.

Mayor Todd Strange says the violent crimes that have been committed in the city are mostly involving other crimes as well, and he has this advice for residents that may be worried about their safety:

 "Don't get involved in criminal activities. Don't be involved in prostitution or gambling or drugs or domestic violence because that's where all of these violent crimes are occuring in that type of activity," said Strange.


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