Friday, December 19, 2014

Montgomery Police Investigate Shooting at McDonald's Restaurant
By Amanda McKenzie

It happened in broad daylight at the McDonald's on Eastern Boulevard. Shots were fired in the parking lot while customers were inside.

Terry Ware was a witness to the shootout.

"I seen two guys running toward that way through the parking lot, then I see a young man go inside that McDonald's screaming he been shot," Ware said.

He said there were multiple shooters, but only one victim. A gunshot can be seen through the windshield of a Ford Expedition.

"Resulted with one male having life-threatening injuries," Sgt. Donna Mackey said. "It appears he was shot multiple times."

Yet police aren't talking about the possible motive of the shooters.

"It sounds like it had to deal with drugs because there's a lot of it laying on the ground and you can actually smell it," Ware said.

Police said this was not a random shooting. So far there have been no arrests, but they do have a suspect who was last seen fleeing on foot towards the Best Buy parking lot.

If you have any information about this ongoing investigation you can contact the Montgomery Police Dept. at (334) 241-2651.

This is the second shooting at that McDonald's recently. In September someone fired shots into the Playhouse.