Montgomery's South Court Street to Become Two Way Street


By Tamika Bickham

Bridges and roads around the state of Alabama are in for a face lift. Governor Robert Bentley announced yesterday that 105 bridge and road projects around the state will be improved and some are in Montgomery.

South Court Street will be converted into a two way street between the interstate and Fairview Avenue and will also be resurfaced.   

Governor Bentley says it's all possible through the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program, making $138 million of federal funds available to Alabama road projects.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange is ready to move forward with a project he says is a top priority.

He believes it will help along economic development, especially in the old Sears location.

"Just think how difficult it would be to get to that old Sears location or to that corner. You've got to go around the world to get there. By two waying it, you are in a position then, from a retail standpoint, to move in and out pretty easily and quickly," said Mayor Strange.

The Court Street project is expected to cost just over $3 million and 80 percent of that will come from federal funds. Twenty percent will come from the local government.

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