Montgomery Businesses have Mixed Emotions on New Gun Law


By Ellis Eskew

New gun law changes go into effect Thursday in Alabama.
But not all businesses are happy about it.

The new law will allow people more freedom to carry guns in their cars and openly in public.
We talked to several businesses in the downtown Montgomery area.
The manager at Saza says they are not in favor of guns in the restaurant.
While at Jalapenos restaurant, management says it's okay with them.

Sa Za manager Jeff Tharp says, "I'm all about guns for everybody, but we are not going to let them into our establishment. We will hang a sign up saying you can't bring the gun in."

However, down the alley way at   Jalapenos, Mateo Lopes says,  "They got the permit to carry it so... Its all good to me."

We're told the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has already received hundreds of requests from businesses ordering "no guns allowed" stickers.

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