Mtgy. Airport Reviews Safety Procedures Following Boeing Crash


By Ashley Thompson

Montgomery Regional Airport is now looking at their own safety procedures after what happened in San Francisco.

Jesse Carr flew into Montgomery Regional Airport from Detroit. He says he first saw video of the Boeing 777 crash just before he boarded his flight.

"It was a little nerve wrecking to see the video," he says. "I just saw it was not an American airliner so I just tried to reassure myself with that."

Although there is a possibility of danger when flying, the crash that killed two and injured over 150 isn't keeping others from traveling by air.

"I'm not afraid of flying," says passenger Zeola Howard.

"More people get hurt in cars than planes," says Roger Blakeley. "It's just more die at one time on a plane."

Phil Perry is the Executive Director of Montgomery Regional Airport and works to make sure the airport is a safe one. He says the crash in San Francisco has prompted his staff to re-evaluate their own emergency response plans.

"Every year we have a table top exercise where we get the City of Montgomery, we have the hospitals, we have the ambulance, everybody in one room and we go through a scenario of what we would do if there was an emergency out on the airfield."

Perry tells us drills are practiced on a routine basis, including mass casualty exercises.

"We'll get people that will actually pretend to be victims," he explains. "We practice the triage, we practice putting the fire out and all those sorts of things that you expect us to do if there were a real emergency."

And there is always risk for a real emergency, though some travelers say it just comes with flying.

"You can never prepare but I think you can handle it," says Blakeley.

"You just have to trust if you want to go somewhere and not drive for 14 hours," Carr says.

Both the City of Montgomery emergency personnel and the Air National Guard respond to the Montgomery Regional Airport during emergencies.

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