Mtgy. Area Food Bank Expands to Keep Up With Demand


By Jessica Gertler

The Montgomery Area Food Bank is expanding its facility to keep up with the growing need. Employees have been raising money for the project for the last year, but they still need your help.

The food bank serves 35 counties. Ten of which were recently added.

Employee Jamie Robards says this year, the food bank is expecting to hand out more food than ever before, 20 million pounds to be exact.

Robards says to keep up with demand, the facility is building another warehouse and cooler space. It will be 24,000 sq. ft.

The project total: $2 million. Robards says so far, they've raised $1.3 million. She says if the food bank cannot raise the rest, it will be forced to dip into it's operating funds.

"They may be homeless. They may be sick," she says. "Folks are having to choose between having to pay utilities or putting food on the table. The food bank is here to help answer those questions, and this expansion is here to assure that we can do that for a long time to come."

The expansion project will break ground on May 23, and it will take one year to complete.

If you would like to donate, call the Montgomery Area Food Bank at (334) 263-3784 or head to their website:

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