Montgomery Co. Sheriff D.T. Marshall Will Not Seek Re-Election


By Ellis Eskew

Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall told the crowd gathered for his announcement downtown Thursday that he is leaving his office after 4 terms.
He says his reason for leaving is a simple one.

 "I really didn't want to leave... Four terms is really enough for any elected official to stay in one office in my opinion," said Marshall.

Marshall served in the Montgomery Police Department for 20 years. He was elected as sheriff in 1998.
And now he would like to leave the office in the hands of his Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham.

 "I've seen him work, I've seen him off duty. I know what kind of person he is. I know his work ethic. And when I got elected to Sheriff, I knew he would be the person that could take over the Sheriff's Office like that," said Marshall.

Marshall knew Cunningham from his days with the Montgomery Police Department.
Cunningham says he fully accepts the endorsement.

"We've been talking about it for sometime, so I'm excited about it. He's excited for me, so I'm just happy,"  said Cunningham.

One thing Cunningham wants to do is focus on crime. Also,  bridging the gap between the Sheriff's Office and the community.

"We want to continue to bridge that gap, continue to bring services, bring programs, bring assistance to our communities to help us help them. There is a lot that needs to be done, a lot that we're doing. But a lot that we need to continue to do," said Cunningham.

Marshall has a year and-a-half left in his term.
He will leave office in January 2015.



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