Mtgy. Public Schools Interim Superintendent Keeping Busy


By Ashley Thompson

Margaret Allen has been the interim superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools for about 14 days but she's already showing her authority and making some tough decisions.

After stepping in as interim superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools, one of the first things Allen did was halt plans to move two schools into the former Montgomery Mall. The Montgomery Technical Education Center and Loveless Academic Magnet Program were both set to open in the former mall but construction has now stopped.

"It was really not asking for a delay, it was asking for an opportunity to study the project, to know what was going on with it," Allen explains. "I had heard about it from a different position and as superintendent, I need to hear about it from this position."

School Board president Eleanor Dawkins says she expected Allen to have some reservations about the move.

"I'm not surprised," she says. "When you come into something that you haven't been privy to all of the information, you need to get more information before you can move forward."

In just the few weeks Allen has been interim superintendent, she says she's had her hands full.

"We've been working with the State Department of Education and having to prepare schools for audits associated with their partnership so we've kept pretty busy."

At tuesday night's meeting, school board members approved a separation agreement between the Pike Road Board of Education and the Montgomery Board of Education. Susan Copeland represents Pike Road and says although they are pleased with the terms of the agreement, she admits they did not get everything they wanted.

"We had talked about purchasing Georgia Washington school and that, we could not negotiate," she says.

But schoo board members say they're satisfied with the separation agreement and with Allen's performance thus far.

"Transition has been excellent," says Dawkins. "We're all moving forward, trying to make sure that our district does not fall to pieces."


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