Medical Examiner Testifies in "Critter Man" Murder Trial


By Jessica Gertler

From Montgomery --  Emotional testimony in the capital murder trial of Kindall Riley who is accused of killing a well-known Montgomery animal trapper.

Tears ran down family members' faces today in court when they saw the gun shot and stab wounds on Ralph McNeil, better known in the community as "Skip the Critter Man."

The state medical examiner testified Wednesday that McNeil had been stabbed eight times in his neck and shot one time. The examiner said McNeil also suffered from wounds trying to fight back.

In January 2011, Police say Riley and three others played a part in McNeil's death.

Investigators say former Montgomery physician David Nash and McNeil's former-fiancé Serenna English hired Riley and his cousin to kill McNeil, because McNeil and English were in a custody battle.

One of McNeil's customers, Terri Brewer, also took the stand. She says she spoke to McNeil hours before he was found dead.

Brewer says a man asked McNeil to remove an animal for his trailer and would give him $400 in cash if he did it that afternoon.

Brewer says McNeil's last words to her were: "In my line of work, you never know what the next adventure will be."

Alabama News Network spoke with McNeil's family members and the defense. They say they will not comment on the trail until its over.

The testimony is expected to last until Friday.

If Riley is found guilty, he will face the death penalty.

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