Elmore County Mobile Home Park Residents Remember 2011 Tornado


By Ashley Thompson

Alabamians were devestated by tornado outbreak in our state on April 27, 2011.

A neighborhood in Elmore County was rocked when when one touched down there for just twenty-two seconds. Now, residents in that area give words of encouragement to those in Oklahoma.

"Yesterday brought back a lot of memories that we've tried to put behind us," says resident Billy Myers.

Billy Myers owns the Myers Country Acres Mobile Home Park in Elmore County. On April 27, 2011 he says the neighborhood was completely leveled after a tornado touched down for less than 30 seconds. Myers tells us he lost both his sister-n-law and his niece in the storm and says he can relate to those in Oklahoma right now.

"I think most of them that lived were in shock just like we were," he says. "If you haven't been through something like that, its bad."

Eloise Josey lives in the neighborhood and says her house and carport were completely destroyed. She says she believes those in Oklahoma may still be in shock.

"If their homes were destroyed and they also lost people, its a double," says Josey. "And they're going to be in shock, they're going to need people to come and stand with them."

Four people from the neighbood were killed in the storm. After, some residents there built storm shelters for any future severe weather.

"We don't turn anybody away because as long as one can pack in, then that's the thing to do," says Myers.

And residents here say they have some advice for those affected in Oklahoma...

"Just keep praying and have faith that no matter what happens, if you're alive you can work your way out of it," Josey says.

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