New AHSAA Guidelines for High School Football Practice


By Ellis Eskew

It's that time of year as high school football players get ready to put on their helmets and pads and hit the gridiron.
This year they have new guidelines from the Alabama High School Athletic Association, which means less practice with full contact.

"Common sense tells us all the less contact you have the less chance of concussive issues or concussions. Most concussions according to data that we receive take place during practice time," said AHSAA Exec. Director Steve Savarese.

The new AHSAA guidelines just apply to full contact in wide open settings:

First week: 90 minutes of full contact on the 5th day of practice.
Fecond week: 120 minutes during the week, plus team scrimmage
Third week: 120 minutes during the week, plus competitive scrimmage.
Fourth week - end of the season: 90 minutes per week, plus games.

St. James assistant head football coach Aubrey Blackwell says it won't change their plans.

"Our practice time when it comes to full contact, we're getting 10-15 minutes a day maybe at the most right now as it is. For them to put the recommendations on, we are in accordance with them. It's not going to change our practice plans," said Blackwell.

He says safety is their number one priority.
And they want their players healthy so they can be ready for Friday nights.

 "We don't want to get a kid hurt on Monday or Tuesday and take that opportunity away from them, playing in front of their family and friends, putting on their uniform. And that's what we loved about it. That's what I loved about it when I played football, and we want to make sure they are playing at their best ability friday night," said Blackwell.

High school football practice across the state starts Monday, Aug. 5th.


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