Alabama's New Gun Law Affects Business Owners


By Jessica Gertler

Business owners listen up: customers will be able to carry a gun inside your building starting next Thursday. That's unless you post a sign saying "No guns allowed." That's just one of the changes in Alabama's gun law.

This Spring, Lawmakers passed the law increasing gun-rights in Alabama. One major change: people can openly carry a gun inside any business unless that business makes it clear no guns are allowed. If customers don't follow the rules, they could face legal action.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office wants to spread the word out about the new gun law that takes effect August 1. Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham says the office is making stickers for businesses that do not want guns in their building.

"The way the law is worded, the business has to have the plaque on their door saying 'It's not an open carry location.' That's what we're giving out," he says.

The stickers will look similar to the one posted on the county court house door.

The stickers will be printed up the beginning of next week. They are free, and Cunningham says several other sheriffs in surrounding counties are passing out similar stickers.

Cunningham says you can also make your own sign as long as it's clear and recognizable.

But keep in mind if a business owner does not take the appropriate steps, customers will be able to walk in carrying a gun as long as it's not hidden.

"This is not trying to alarm anyone. We are just trying to let the business community know they have the right. That's what the law says. If they don't want to take part, that's fine," Cunningham says.

Another major change that businesses need to be aware of is employees will be able to bring loaded guns to work as long as they keep they it in locked in their car, and they have a concealed carry permit.

If you are interested in a sticker, call the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at (334) 832-4980.

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