New Recycling Program Bringing 110 Jobs to Montgomery


By Jessica Gertler

More than 100 jobs are coming to Montgomery. An energy company says it will build a plant making it easier for you to recycle.

"This is a big day for Montgomery. A big day for the company," says Kyle Mowitz, CEO of Infinitus Energy.

Infinitus Energy creating 110 jobs by opening a recycling plant in North Montgomery .

"Those jobs will range from everywhere to sorters to general managers to plant engineers, mechanics," Mowitz says.

The plant also helps city residents go green.

"Citizens are really, truly going to be able to recycle," says Mayor Todd Strange.

Once the $35 million facility opens next June, residents will throw away all of their trash, including recyclables, in the city-issued, roll-out garbage cans.

"You don't have to worry about the recycling rates. We take care of the rest, so it's easier for the citizen in that route," says Mowitz.

Infinitus Energy will then sort through the trash at the new plant and recover recyclable items such as cardboard, paper and aluminum cans.

Many residents are thrilled about the news. A few years back, the city offered a curbside recycling program, but it was canceled in 2009, after Strange said not enough people were participating, and it was costing too much money.

"It's very exciting I think it is thrilling the city is doing this again for us and making it easy," says resident Janie Wall.

Strange says this program will eliminate 85 percent of waste.

Other cities within a 90 mile radius of Montgomery can also contract to have its waste sent to the facility, but there's no word if any other cities have shown any interest in taking part.



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