New Security Measures for High School Football at Cramton Bowl


By Ellis Eskew

Football season is here and Alabama's new gun law has caused Montgomery Public Schools to beef up security at high school football games.

Thursday night was the first game of the season at Cramton Bowl.
Fans were screened and searched by police officers before they could come into the stadium.
All the people we talked to say they didn't mind.

"Aww, it's fine as long as it makes everybody safe, it'll be fine. Not a big deal," said Blake Daughtry.

Athletic director Brandon Dean says there are several things you will not be able to bring to the games.

"No weapons, of course. No gang insignia, no violence insignia, no bookbags, umbrellas, coolers or outside food," said Dean.

Security will be even tighter at the games on Friday nights.
Dean says there will be k-9's there sniffing the teams' buses when they arrive.
He also suggests fans get to the games at 5pm so that everyone can get through the security process and in their seat before kickoff.

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