New Year's Eve Domino Drop In Andalusia


By Catalina Trivino

The city of Andalusia is preparing for it's New Year's Eve bash in downtown. And this year, they're dropping something you wouldn't expect from the sky...

It's called the New Year's Eve Domino Drop -- a first time event for the city, as they ring in the new year.

"I have no idea what to expect. I think we are all kind of anxiously waiting to see what drops from the sky tonight... especially this large domino that seems to be dropping down tonight!" Said Republican State Representative and Andalusia resident, Mike Jones.

That's right. A giant domino has arrived to Andalusia for the city's New Year's Eve celebration, hoping to give Times-Square a run for it's money. Organizers say the event kicks off at 10:30 p.m. Monday in downtown, where you'll find a DJ, live performances and hot refreshments.

"At 11:30 p.m. this evening, they will see the domino being raised with the inside of it lit up. At 10 seconds before 12 midnight, all the lights, the dots will light up and they will count down to the last 10 seconds," Said event volunteer, Jeff Puckett.

It will be followed by an 84 ft. drop at midnight and a firework finale to mark the beginning of the new year.

"Someone came up with this hair-brain idea of having a domino drop and of course it was so unique and so interesting that we thought, well, why not? Let's try and see what we can do. Let's bring big city to little town Andalusia," Said event organizer, Barbara Tyler.

But why the giant domino? Organizers say it's because Andalusia is home to the World Championship Domino Tournament.

"It'll be a very family-friendly atmosphere. Again, we'll have the Dixie Dandies performing, it's a local jazz group, and Christian Wosilek will be performing and all the young teenagers and so forth, the kids know Christian, so hopefully we'll have a lot of families out here," Said Tyler.

Organizers say they hope to make this an annual event.

There will be partial closure on the square starting at 10 o'clock. Those streets include North Cotton and Coffee Street.


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