Old Cloverdale Assn. Votes Yes on Entertainment District; Some Neighbors Upset


By Jessica Gertler

The possibility of Old Cloverdale becoming the city's second entertainment district is one step closer to reality. Tonight the Old Cloverdale Association voted "yes" to moving forward with the idea.

Cloverdale could house an entertainment district where people can walk to different businesses with alcoholic beverages.

Old Cloverdale Mayor Todd Kirk supports the notion.

"I personally think it's a good idea. I have seen what's happened downtown, the way it's increased business," Kirk says.

Under a new state law, Montgomery qualifies for two entertainment districts. The first has already been established at the Downtown Alley.

And now the second could wind up In Cloverdale in the Fairview Avenue Business District.

Angela Parks lives a block away.

"I don't know how much noise there is going to be. I don't know if it will be limited to weekends, so I just don't think it is necessary," Parks says.

The Ropers are also against an entertainment district in Cloverdale. They fear it will bring noise and traffic.

"I think something very valuable is at risk here. I do not want to dodge drunks every time I pick up a pizza from Tomatinos," says Ben Roper.

But Kirk assures that the area will not get out of hand.

"Obviously we will have rules in affect. Public intoxication, things like that, we are not going to stand for," says Kirk.

The City Council will have the ultimate say when they hold a vote. The time-line is still up in the air.

"I don't see anything happening at earliest until next year. There's no rush. we have plenty of time to work it out and make sure it's done right," says Councilman Arch Lee.

As it stands, the district would not cover the Cloverdale Road area that includes Roux, Dirks Fillet & Vine and Pine Bar.
But some of the businesses that will be included are 10-48 Bar, Sinclair's and El Rey.

The Cloverdale-Idlewild Association has also voted to have the entertainment district.

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