Opp Gears Up For City Improvements


By Catalina Trivino

Several improvement projects are soon to be underway in the city of Opp... and city leaders hope it leads to more opportunity for its residents.

City officials tell Alabama News Network they're doing all of this in hope of generating more business to Opp. The overall goal is that these improvement projects become incentives for potential employers.

The projects include road repairs, getting rid of eyesores and fixing up buildings -- all improvements city leaders hope will pave the way for economic development.

The city received approval for an $800,000 grant to pave Highway 84. They'll pay about 20 percent of that. Construction will start late summer.

Plans to patch and resurface about nine roads in the city are also coming.

"You've got pot holes that looks like the asphault is not holding together, they're coming apart so that creates a problem," Said Opp Resident, Trey Pool.

"Some of the streets are Patterson, Fairview, Barnes Street... [they're] streets we're going to start on in about two weeks," Said Opp Mayor, John Bartholomew.

The city's entryways will also get a facelift.

The city also hopes to make improvements to The Depot, a building that's existed for more than 80 years. They'll be applying for a $400,000 grant next month.

Bartholomew says if the grant comes in, you'll see new roofs, windows and doors. As for inside The Depot...

"We're going to put new restrooms in, we're going to put new offices in for the chamber, we're going to put a welcome center in with this. We're also going to have a large entertaining center that people can rent and use for events," Said Bartholomew.

The demolition of vacant homes that have become eyesores is also on the to-do list, giving 11 home owners 30 days to clean up their property before they're torn down or cleaned up by the city with a fee.

The city will also be applying for a grant to resurface Jeffcoat Street, which is where the local hospital is located.

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