Over 1,000 Alabama Power Co. and Electric Cooperatives Helping States Affected By Sandy


By CBS-8 Reporter

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama Power Co. and electric cooperatives in Alabama have sent more than 1,000 workers to help in states damaged by Sandy.


Alabama Power reports that it already has 441 personnel in Atlantic City, and it has 80 others headed to New Jersey, West Virginia and Maryland. In addition, it has released 372 contract workers to help other utilities in the Mid-Atlantic states.


The Alabama Rural Electric Association says 16 cooperatives have sent 141 crew members to help restore power in Virginia and Maryland.


State Public Service Commission member Terry Dunn said the president of Jersey Central Power and Light, Don Lynch, called the PSC on Wednesday to say New Jersey needs all the help it can get from utilities in other states.

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