Class Sizes Nearly Double at Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Firearms Safety Course


By Brittany Bivins

Recent talk of proposed firearms regulations has sent many people stocking up on guns and ammunition. That also means an increase in people who want to learn how to use those weapons, including here in the River Region.

On a normal day, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office firearms familiarization course draws about ten people.On Saturday, that number almost doubled to eighteen.

That included people like Jeannie Lanier,.who says her husband bought her a gun for Christmas. "He likes it that i'm able to protect myself, too, you can't be too careful these days," said Lanier.

Some people taking the course say...recent mass shootings...have made them take protection more seriously. "A lot of people are just buying handguns just for protection because they're seeing that society is getting a lot more dangerous," said Rich Takacs, who was taking the class.

Others say they're worried about proposed bans on assault weapons and high-capacity clips. "The focus has been on our rights to be able to own a gun and perhaps that has been the reason, and just for protection," said Amy Dean, who was taking the class.

"That's definitely encouraging people to go our and buy what they can right now with the ban or proposals of bans on stuff, that's definitely part of it," said Takacs.

Deputies give tips on everything from protecting your home to loading and firing your gun. Many gun owners in the River Region say the extra knowledge makes a big difference. "You don't want everyone having a gun and not knowing how to use it so I think more and more people if they have it, they wanna make sure it's secure in a safe place and know how to properly use it," said Tijuana Tetter, who was taking the class for the first time.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office holds the familiarization course several times a year. It's free to everyone who lives in the county.

For more information, visit the website.

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