Parts Of Montgomery Paying More For Gas


By Alabama News Network

It's not cheap to fill up anywhere, but some people in Montgomery are paying more at the pump than others. 

If you take a ride on the west side of Montgomery, you'll find that gas prices are higher on average than the east side. 
West side gas hovers around $3.29 and gason the east side gets as low as $3.10.
"I don't think that's right. It should be equal on all parts of town. The west side has it harder than the east sometimes. Putting higher prices, I don't think that's right," said Zabien Vickers, a West Montgomery resident. 
And many of those people are complaining to their councilman, David Burkette.
"Especially during the last couple weeks. I had some people complain and I didn't know what position I'm in to do something about it," said Burkette.
He thinks part of the problem is the economics of the west side. 
"The tendency is to think of it as a much lower income part of town. That propels some of the alternatives with what the gas company does."
John Patrick has lived in that part of town for most of his life, and he says things have only gotten worse during his time here.
"As long as I live, the prices start going up. You can't get it for what you could when I was coming up. So I just try to roll with the punches," said Patrick.
Gas stations are private businesses so the city can't say just how much they can charge for gas, so look for prices to continue to fluctuate across the city.



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