Pat Dye and Past Players React to Auburn's Loss and Chizik's Career


By Jessica Gertler

Two years ago, Auburn sat on top taking home a national championship. But after last weekend's loss to Arkansas, the university now has one of the worst records in the SEC. So what does this mean for Head Coach Gene Chizik?

CBS 8 News caught up with former Auburn football coach Pat Dye, and a couple of past players. We asked them how they felt about this season., and if Gene Chizik is still the man for the job.

The score 24 to 7 left tiger fans shocked, and Chizik apologizing.

"The Auburn fans and the Auburn family, they did not deserve this today, and I apologize to anyone that came to the game to watch it," Chizik said at the post-game press conference.

The Tigers have lost four games this season. Three of them against conference teams.

And since taking home the National Championship title two years ago, the Tigers have lost half of their games.

"Right now, it's a mess," says former Coach Pat Dye.

Dye has confidence that Chizik will turn things around.

"He's a great guy. He stands for all the right things. We couldn't have a better coach at Auburn," he says.

Coach Dye says Chizik isn't going anywhere, but as for other changes to the coaching staff...

"Now, you'd have to ask Gene about that. I don't anticipate any. I really like the two coordinators," he says.

Former Auburn football player Joe Cribbs says this is just a phase.

"I think this is just going to take some time, and we've got some talented players, but they may not suit what we are trying to do right now," he says.

Ed King was part of the 1989 undefeated Auburn team, and gives his advice.

"Nothing comes easy. Being an ex-football player, you just have to work hard. Work hard every day, and at some point, the good things will start happening," says King.

For a school known as a SEC Powerhouse, a losing streak is hard to bare.

But Coach Dye is asking fans to keep wearing their pride, "because every team in the South Eastern Conference would like to see Auburn in disarray. But we need to stand up like Auburn men and women and support Gene, the players and the staff."

Auburn still has to take on ranked Georgia and Alabama, and play SEC teams Texas A&M, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss. They can lose two of those games and still make it to a bowl game.

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