Peanut Butter Festival Good For Economy


By Sarah Cantey

 The 23rd annual Peanut Butter Festival was back in Brundidge this weekend. It's a time for the community to come together and celebrate a product that made the area boom in the thirties. 

The historical society puts on the event to recognize that the city was one of first peanut butter producers in 1928. Since then larger companies have taken away business from Brundidge. But, organizers hope the festival will help draw people back to the city. 
Tamara Nazario said, "Brundidge is making a name for itself and it brings you into the city and introduces you to the antiques here."
More than 5,000 people were there and more than 100 vendors were set up. And online show for Yahoo! Was also filming an episode at this year's festival. 

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