Pedaling to Win Big


By Alabama News Network

This is the first time that Montgomery has ever hosted a race quite like this. Over 300 people signed up to race around the downtown area.

Men and women of all ages lined up to take on the new course. Criterium races pit cyclists on a short course competing for the most number of laps in a short time limit. Local competitor Scott Askins has been cycling since college and is excited for a race close to home.

"This is spectacular. You got to capitalize on every one of the local races," said Scott Askins, a cyclist from Prattville.

He says today's races are a little different from anything you've probably seen before.

"Yeah this start is basically, the start is fast and furious. It's like NASCAR on bikes," Askins said.

"It's all out all on the whole race, so it's really demanding. Even though it's a short time period it's really demanding physically," he added.

Other racers, like Michael Mace, made the trip from as far away as Orlando, Florida. He's already looking forward to racing in Montgomery again.

"It was fun! The hill really hurts and the set was super fast and it was just fun," said Michael Mace who travelled from Orlando. 

It's all of those racers and their families staying in town for the weekend that has the city expecting a big impact.

"It's going to have a huge economic impact because as I'm walking around I'm seeing vehicles with a lot of out of state tags here," Tom Pierce, Superintendent of riverfront facilities said.

"A lot of families coming and staying two nights. I was talking to a family last night that said they're staying through Sunday. So it should have a significant economic impact for the city," Pierce added.

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