Perry Hill Road Construction On Schedule


By Alabama News Network

Many people traveling through Montgomery have to drive through the massive construction on interstate 85 at the  Perry Hill Road exit.

A man was killed in a wreck there two weeks ago, and workers are asking people to slow down. 
The Alabama Department of Transportation says the $8.5 million project is about one third of the way finished.
The goal is to widen Perry Hill Road and change the way drivers merge onto northbound 85 by looping around under the bridge. But some people are concerned with driving through the construction.
"I try to stay away from that area," said Montgomery resident Melissa Graves. 
"During rush hour times for people up on the bridge, it's kind of hairy up there on top of the bridge. If you're not paying attention where they're moving the lights with people coming up the ramp. If you're not paying attention it's not easy to get in front of someone up there on top of the bridge. But as far as the interstate is concerned all you have to do is pay attention," said Duke Wilson, another Montgomery resident. 
Rebecca White with the State Department of Transportation says crews take special precautions to make sure everyone stays safe through the construction.
"The majority of the construction work being done is being done in the over night and nighttime hours simply because there's less traffic during that time. And of course on Auburn home game weekends we aren't working at all from around noon Friday all throughout the weekend until Sunday night," said White. 
But there's only so much that work crews can do. Drivers need to pay attention to the speed limit through the construction zone.
"Please obey that 25 mph speed limit on Perry Hill Road and if you're on 85 slow down to the 45 mph posted work zone speed limits because we don't want any more accidents and we want to protect our workers as well as our motorists," said White. 

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