Pike Co. Lake Closed For Major Makeover


By Brittany Bivins

The Pike County Lake will be closed this summer, but officials say the renovations will make it a better fishing experience for people all across the county and the state.

Darnisha Stringer and her brother Tyson had big plans when they walked into Jab's Sporting Goods in Troy Tuesday.

"We were going to go to Pike County Lake today to go fishing. We stopped by here to get the bait to go to Pike County Lake to go fishing," said Stringer.

As of last month, though, its closed for a major makeover.

"We've got a leak in the dam. Actually it's in the drain pipe. We're going to fix that, remove some trees off the back of the dam and completely rework that," said Rob Andress with  Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries.

The lake opened to anglers in 1951 and hasn't been drained for routine maintenance in decades. Biologists say that could create major problems.

"As far as the fish are concerned, they tend to go bass crowded which means there's too many small bass, They're somewhere around 12 to 14 inches in size, and they don't get harvested. as that happens people start to complain about the fish," said Andress.

There are other problems, too. The lake is surrounded by trees, which could begin to take water from the lake itself. Crews will cut those down, which should help prevent any more erosion.

"You know when it starts to decline, it's time to do something. That's where we've found ourselves here," said Andress.

The entire project will cost about $250,000. The City of Troy will also do some renovating, adding park benches and landscaping the area.

The lake should reopen to anglers by summer of 2015.

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