Pike Co. Trash Pickup Could Be Cut for People Behind on Bills


By Alabama News Network

People in Pike County are talking some trash.

County officials say more than 800 people are behind on their garbage disposal fees. Now Advanced Disposal, the company that provides the service, is going to stop picking up trash for people who owe them money.

This won't affect people in the city limits of Troy or Brundidge, since those cities provide their own garbage service.

However, some county officials worry people who don't get their garbage picked up won't dispose of it the right way.

"If the garbage is curtailed for some individuals that they might consider disposing of the garbage themselves. Sometimes that's not in the proper manner, and it might be through the way of tossing it out on the road somewhere," said Harry Sanders, Pike County Adminstrator.

Meanwhile, people in Pike County have mixed views about whether the company cutting the service for those who owe money will help or hurt.

"If someone's not paying for the service, they need to stop picking up their trash," said Shear Qualls.

But others, like Robert Lee, say the fees are too high and need to be cut. "They'll just throw it out, that's what i'm saying. It's gonna make the streets look bad, make the homes look bad, because they're gonna make it look bad," said Lee.

Alabama News Network reached out to representatives for Advanced Disposal for this story, but they did not return phone calls.

County officials say if you owe back bills, you should contact the company directly to work out a payment plan and avoid having your service suspended.

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