Pike Co. to Hold Color Run to Help Community Volunteer Rebuild Home


By Brittany Bivins

It's been almost two months since tornadoes damaged or destroyed dozens of homes in Pike County, and now some people in Goshen are reaching out to help one of their own.

People here in Goshen say Dee Brundidge spends most of his day giving back to his community, and now the community is doing something to give back to him. The town will hold a Color Run this Saturday, to help the Brundidge Family raise enough money to rebuild their home.

Dee Brundidge was at home in Goshen celebrating Christmas with his wife, two children, and five other family members when the tornado struck. "Everything they tell you that you hear, like the train and the noises, you hear every about it, and it was shaking and rumbling," said Brundidge.But Brundidge still works with local children every day, leading a free after-school program., Goshen's mayor, says the Color Run is a way to thank Brundidge for everything he's given back to the community. "Goshen is a giving community anyway, but it's just easy to help somebody like Dee and his family," said Waller.

Brundidge says it's taking a long time for his family to rebuild, but he says, no matter what, he'll keep working with children.

The Color Run will be held this Saturday, February 23rd, in downtown Goshen at 1:00 P.M. That's Dee Brundidge's birthday. All monetary donations will be accepted and will go directly to help the Brundidge Family rebuild.

"I always felt like if I had an opportunity or who was given the opportunity just to make that small difference in the next kid's life, then that would mean more than anything to me," said Brundidge.


The tornado ripped apart the mobile home, and the family's been living with relatives ever since.

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