Separation Is Official Between Pike Road And Montgomery Public School System

But Some Parents Aren't Happy with Where Their Child Will Go to School


By Catalina Trivino

Pike Road's school will open in 2015 -- and a separation agreement between Montgomery Public Schools and the Pike Road school system has been finalized. But some Pike Road parents, who have children in Montgomery's magnet schools say they're upset their children won't be able to stay where they are.

That's about 400 students who will be moved from Montgomery Public Schools to the Pike Road School System when it does open. But some parents say they're not ready for their children to leave and they're making drastic decisions because of that.

Barrie Watkins' home will be re-zoned from the Montgomery Public School district to the Pike Road School district when it opens in 2015. Her son attends a Montgomery magnet school and it's caused her to post a 'For Sale' sign on her front lawn -- one she wishes she didn't have to put up...

"We moved out to Pike Road to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and we've just decided, for my sons sake, to keep him in the Magnet School Program. We've decided to sell our house and move back to Montgomery," Said Watkins.

It's a decision she's had to make because Montgomery Public Schools will not grandfather in current students into their system when Pike Road's school opens.

"If you want to be in the Montgomery Public School Magnet Program you need to live in Montgomery, so those parents have to make a decision," Said Pike Road Mayor, Gordon Stone.

A decision Pike Road Mayor, Gordon Stone, says will be respected. He's asking those concerned parents to wait and discover what their new curriculum has to offer.

"So don't make your decision before you have to. Take your time, get to know what we're doing and then we'll respect your decision, whatever it is," Said Stone.

Watkins says she hopes Montgomery Public School's new superintendent will reconsider the decision of not grandfathering in current students in the school system, so they don't have to move.

We tried to contact several Montgomery County school leaders, but our calls weren't returned.

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