Police: Troy University Fraternity Member Tied To Tree, Hazed


By Alabama News Network

Troy University police said a pledge in the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was tied to a tree, had stuff thrown on him, and was left alone about 3 miles from campus.Police said while no one was injured, there is a zero tolerance policy for hazing. 

Troy University Police Chief John McCall said, "We found the rope, we found the egg shells, we found coconut milk, some sour mix and even looked like some tobacco spit that was possibly poured on him as well." 
Students in Greek life, like Brandon Gurubel say this isn't the first hazing incident on campus. 
Brandon Gurubel, a junior in a different fraternity than Pi Kappa Phi said, "Hazing definitely happens, some people take it farther than others." 
It may be hard to imagine allowing someone to do that to you, but police say the victim was a willing participant. Chief McCall said, "He decided it was something he had to do so he was just going to go along with it and get it over with." 
Fraternity President Christopher Brooks said the 6 members he says were responsible, don't represent Pi Kapp as a whole. 
Pi Kappa Phi President Christopher Brooks said, "We don't condone hazing of any kind, our new member education process simply goes by our national laws as well as our local laws and we just look forward to moving on through this." 
Right now the fraternity is on suspension, so no social functions, while the university and the national fraternity work together to come up with sanctions and a plan for the future including looking at that new member program. 
Coordinator of Student Involvement & Leadership Chris Hager said, "Breaking it down and identifying any possible concern in their new member program, cleaning that up so that we don't have possible issues like this happening down the road." 
University leaders and police say they take situations like this seriously, even if no one was injured.
Chief McCall said, "A lot of colleges, especially in recent memory FAMU, have had issues where students have actually died in hazing incidents and those kinds of things can ruin your university, and we are just not going to tolerate it here at Troy." 
Brandon said, "You can't build man by tearing down boys, yeah there are going to be rites of passage everywhere, but you just want those rites of passages to be constructive to what you're doing."  
Police say this type of hazing would be a misdemeanor..so any charges would have to be filed by the victim. But, he chose not to pursue any charges.
The university says Pi Kappa Phi will be on probation the rest of the semester, but will not lose its charter so it can remain on campus.  But the six people accused of being involved will have to meet with the dean of students since hazing violates the university's code of conduct.

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