Police Arrest 4 In Prostitution Bust, Minor To Receive Counseling


By Catalina Trivino



Now, police have made a bust they hope closes down the possible operation.

Greenville police say it's been years since they've heard of any kind of prostitution case in the area. And now they've busted four people accused of promoting and paying for services. Police say it's happening at the Reid Motel -- they also say the person they were soliciting was a 15-year-old girl.

After months of investigation at the Reid Motel, off Highway 31, Greenville police say it happened in room 112. Now, Amanda Pate and Demontrez Dean are facing charges of Promoting Prostitution, Facilitating Travel of a Child for an Unlawful Sex Act and Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor -- one who was only 15-years-old.

Investigators also say Sidney Thomas and Robert Mitchell paid for services from the minor. They're charged with Soliciting Prostitution and second degree Rape. Investigator, Justin Lovvorn, says they've collected forensic evidence, including pieces of clothing.

"It could have any type of DNA, it could come from a number of people being the witness if they're close enough and come in contact with the victim if it's on the victim's clothing, the suspect of course," Said Lovvorn.

So Alabama News Network stopped by the motel and spoke with a manager who calls himself "Steve." He tells us he was unaware of the activity going on.

"I have no clue idea if it was night time or I don't know what time it happened. No idea," Said Steve.

But Gentry Brys owns a local gas station just a mile up the road.

"There was people but I guess they were doing well about going inconspicuous I guess," Said Brys.

Police says the minor was manipulated in this activity after she ran away from home. Child Services tells us she has been reunited with her family and she'll be receiving counseling.

Greenville police say this is the first prostitution case they've had this year.


Greenville police say they've received numerous complaints about prostitution at a local motel.

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