Police Warn Pedestrians To Be Careful On Roads


By Sarah Cantey

In less than two weeks, three pedestrians have been struck and killed by vehicles. So is it a problem with the drivers, careless pedestrians, or does it have something to do with roads?

Montgomery Police would not release who was at fault in recent cases because they are still under investigation But, speaking in general terms they say pedestrians are often at fault.

They want to remind runners and walkers to be cautious, some think when there is no sidewalk you should go against traffic. But police say everyone has to follow the rules of the road.

Some people say there are not enough sidewalks and that distracted drivers are to blame for the accidents.

Steve Paramore said, "I think there needs to be more road crossing signs, you where you push a button and the light will turn green and tell you to walk something like that."

Montgomery Police say the city has aggressive laws against distracted driving, passing legislation in the city before the state wide law. It is illegal to text and drive or use a cell phone without a hands free device.

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