Pollen Season Stirring Up Allergies for Alabamians


By Brittany Bivins


t's that time of year again. Allergy season has arrived in Alabama, and there's plenty of pollen to prove it. And that can be a major problem for people who have serious allergies.


However, Adams says if your symptoms do get too severe, you should make an appointment with a medical professional, to see if medicine could help ease your symptoms.

Pollen season usually runs from late February to May here in Alabama. Experts say it's come later to the area this year, because of the cooler temperatures.

One big thing, especially for women, is to wash their hair, every night before they go to bed, because once they lay on the pillow, they rub their nose back in forth in the same pollen they drug around all day. Wear a dusk mask when you're cleaning, indoors or out, especially cutting grass and some of the other professions that do that," said Adams.

Doctors in Troy say they've seen dozens of people already this week who are suffering from allergic reactions to pollen. That can mean sneezing, coughing, even nausea. "Some people are very sensitive to it. Others have absolutely no problem. In our area, we see some people that they know the minute spring has sprung," said Jon Adams, PA-C, a Physican's Assistant with Pike Internal Medicine in Troy.

Gregory Carter is one those people. "I feel stuffed up, aggravating cough constantly, I have to keep the truck cleaned, and it's going through the little cracks, it still gets on the inside," said Carter.

Car wash employees say they usually see a big increase in business around this time of the year from people trying to keep their vehicles clean. Doctors say it's not foolproof, but it's a good place to start.

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