Postal Truck Driver Shot, Robbed at Hayneville Post Office


By Brittany Bivins

US Postal Inspectors need your help catching the person who robbed and shot a postal truck driver at the Hayneville Post Office.

Investigators will be at the Hayneville Post Office for up to the next day, collecting clues and trying to piece together what happened when a delivery truck driver was robbed and shot Thursday night.

It happened around 5:30, when postal officials say someone shot the driver twice before making off with post office property. Charles Benson works next door and heard it all.

"I thought it was a car backfiring 'cause it said pop, pop, like that," he said.

Authorities aren't releasing the victim's name, but say he's in stable condition in the ICU of a Montgomery hospital. George Frazier, Assistant Postal Inspector In Charge, says the crime has rocked the postal community.

"Sadness, shock, when something of this nature happens, everyone is just totally surprised. Normally this is not an everyday occurrence," said Frazier.

It still has people in Hayneville on edge.

"I'm scared now, sure enough, I'm serious. Because it happened so fast and quick," said Charles Benson.

Investigators say they don't have any big leads yet, but they're asking for the your help to make an arrest by reporting anything you saw that could help them.

"Any vehicles that are out of the ordinary, any individuals that they don't recognize, that don't stay in this area," said Frazier, saying even the smallest details could make a big difference.

If you have any information, you can call postal inspectors toll free at 877-876-2455. There is a $50,000 reward being offered for anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

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