Prattville Police Say 2 Teens Involved in Murder-Suicide


By Jessica Gertler

Two 19-year-old males were found dead in a Prattville home in what police are now calling a murder-suicide. Police responded to the scene last night after the parents of one of teens discovered the bodies. 

Prattville Police Chief Mark Thompson says the two teenagers were friends. They graduated last year together from Prattville Christian Academy.

He says they do not know why one of them would turn on his friend, kill him and then kill himself. 

"Total Shock. Total Shock," says Susan Peters. "The whole family is just as nice as they can be." 

Peters can't believe it. She says her neighbors found their son Mitchell Warren and his friend Wellesley Owen dead around 7:30 Tuesday night.

Police say Warren stabbed Owen using a hunting and kitchen knife and then turned the knife on himself.

"The children were always waving to us. I would have never dreamed it in a million years," says Peters.

She says the family left their home on Sycamore Drive after the incident and has not heard from them since.

"It's just something we did not expect. I'm sure Dennis and his wife didn't expect it either," she says.

Police Chief Mark Thompson says Warren stabbed Owen in the neck. He says there was no sign of a struggle. Thompson did not release how many times the two were stabbed and did not indicate if drugs were involved.

"It was determined last night it was a murder-suicide, but it was confirmed in the autopsy report," says Thompson.

Thompson says police have not found any notes or anything online to indicate why Warren killed Owen. Thompson says he's determining this case closed. 

Prattville Mayor Bill Gillespie was also at today's press conference. He is calling this incident a tragedy for the community.  


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