Prostitution, Crime at Truck Stop a Problem in Montgomery


By Ashley Thompson

Prostitutes usually go where there is a demand.

In Montgomery, workers at a truck stop say they see them all the time.

I talked with employees at the T-A Travel Center today and they explained to me how they are combating these women of the night.

John White is a private investigator for Montgomery's TA Travel Center. He's been hired by the truck stop to be proactive against the prostitution.

First, if he sees it happening, he takes their picture and gives them a warning.

The second time, they sign a warrant for their arrest.

"When I see a prostitute out here knocking on doors of trucks... asking for their services...a lot of them will tell you they're massage therapists, that's what they tell me. We issue a trespass warning and say if it's their first time we say 'don't come back or your going to jail.' If they come back we put them in jail for criminal trespassing," he says.

But White says there's not only prostitution, he's seen all types of crime and he wants other business owners in the area to do more about it.

"We have to have businesses that are proactive to help the police department do their job. If you call a patrol unit to your business and all you want them to do is make somebody leave and you don't put someone in jail, you're not getting anything done," White explains.

Residents in the area, like Alganae Butler,  are eager for West Montgomery to begin rebuilding and to rid the streets of prostitution and other crimes.

"This is the biggest side of town for that. This area has been down for a long time and I think it's definitely time to pick up the Westside because it feels like they've forgotten about the Westside," she says.


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