Pushing Forward With a Smile, Jessica Crumpton Learns To Walk Again


By Heather VacLav

The week of Valentine's Day 2012 Jessica Crumpton opened her eyes, came out of a coma, only to find her two legs and arm were amputated. That's because a boiling pot of water had been dumped on her in December 2011.

But last fall her recovery came to a halt when Medicaid stopped her insurance. Alabama News Network shared Jessica's story and the community has come together to help her, and now she is learning how to walk again.

News Anchor Heather VacLav has been following Jessica Crumpton's journey. In this exclusive news extra, "For the Love of Jessica," we see Jessica's progress over the past two months in physical therapy at Active Health & Rehab, and how Physical Therapist Lane Blondheim is helping her to get back to normal life.

However, despite her immense progress with her prosthetics, in order for Jessica to move forward with therapy, she must undergo another surgery to shave excess bone off of her right knee.

She undergoes knee revision surgery March 8. While she heals, her family still needs support for their three children.

If you or anyone you know is willing or able to help Jessica Crumpton and her family, please contact Barbara Anderson at St. Bede's Catholic Church, her number is 334-221-6860.


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