Montgomery Motorsports Park Track Officials Make Extra Safety Precautions For Racers


By Catalina Trivino

Concussions and brain injuries aren't just for football. They're placed high on the list of major safety concerns on the racetrack, as well.

Last weekend, 25 cars piled up at Talladega Super Speedway before the final turn. And the  result was a crash and concussion for number 88 Chevrolet driver -- Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"Everytime you get in the car, you're going to be scared and shake all the way until you get to the other end and just pray until you get to the other end cause like I said, you know, this might be my last time getting in the car," said racer, Deramus Dorsey.

And it's a fear many drivers have on the track, which is why the Montgomery Motorsports Park is taking extra safety precautions to prevent any injuries.

"We have certain SFI rated seat belt helmets. In our really fast cars, they wear HANS device, just like they would in Nascar. Of course, we don't do any left turns here. It's all straight, but it's... these guys are traveling close to 200 miles an hour," Said Montgomery Motor Sports track owner, Jim Howard.

And the rules say suiting up goes for both the driver and their vehicle. To help prevent head injuries, drivers must wear neck collars, seatbelts, and of course -- their helmet. Rules racers like, Kayla McClain, doesn't take lightly.

"These are the ISP pads, if you roll over they protect you from beating up your head and all that good stuff. My builder got hurt in a wreck really bad so he started putting these in all his cars," Said the 19-year old Florida racer, McClain.

This week, thousands of drivers and fans will be out here for the annual million dollar race, and track officials say they're taking extra precautions by bringing in more medical assistance.

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